About Us

Our company offers great flexibility and quality services in all areas of garment design and production. We do our job with European standards and business ethics discipline. We are experienced managers and business partners, we are proud to offer fashion design and production to many of our customers in Europe and the world.

Organic & Ecological we provide and take care of production based on all kinds of organic textiles -also processed with organic and vegetal dyes- and follow all established guidelines regarding ecological considerations; we can also cooperate with our customers further to widen the scope of and satisfy the ecological concerns of their end users…

Quality management; We believe that regular inspection is not enough to achieve the desired level of satisfaction for most of our customers; As a corporate textile company, we take every conceivable measure to guarantee a high standard in every respect; We closely monitor the entire production and delivery process based on the “customized checklist” for each design and model, starting with the regular maintenance, translation and transfer of customers’ requests and other standard requirements to all our manufacturers and suppliers. We share all stages of production with our customers in a report from the beginning to the end of the production process